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The Rediscovery of a Talking Statue: Marforio. History and Events surrounding its Conservation

Tipología: Visita guiada

The statue of  "Marforio" (an attribution that philologists and scholars of antiquities still debate) was most certainly a grand statue intended for worship although a number of hypotheses exist as to who it depicts (the personification of a river or the God Oceanus) and the identification of which monument it was originally part.

Already known in the 12th century, the statue was inserted into the containment wall of the Ara Coeli before the museum was built.  The exedra of the current courtyard from the 1700’s not only shows the tastes and the inscriptions of the Papal patrons but it is truly a masterpiece. Here this grand Roman statue (from the end of the Republican era or the beginning of the Imperial period) with a basin in front of it stands as a fountain and as an inviting and pleasurable stop within the museum.  Guided tour led in Italian by Marina Mattei.

This statue has great symbolic  importance because, together with those Pasquino and Madama Lucrezia, they were talking statues to which the political and social critiques of the Roman people were affixed. 

The recently finished restoration has given the precious marble back its ancient splendour  making it possible to once again see and appreciate all the details of this incredible statue and fountain.


Musei Capitolini

September 28, 2013 at 10.00


Piazza del Campidoglio

Entrada iniciativa

Free guided tour upon purchase of € 3,50 special admission ticket (people usually entitled to free admission must purchase a € 2,00 concessionary ticket).
Prenotazione obbligatoria allo 060608 (attivo tutti i giorni dalle 9.00 alle 21.00).
Advance Booking is required.
Maximum number of participants: 30


Info and Booking: tel. +39 060608, everyday from 9:00 to 21:00.
Sovrintendenza Capitolina in collaboration with Zètema Progetto Cultura

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